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We at FayeB's Reminders believe that our real asset lies in our employees, sales representatives and customers. Our philosophy centers on people and service. We pledge to provide our customers with quality products, innovative services and value. We are proud that we can offer thousands of promotional products, unprecedented service and complete customer satisfaction.

About Us...

We have the resources to make your ideas become a reality and ensure the success of your next event or promotion.

The business and personal relationships that our management has developed over the last 45 years enables us to offer over 1 million promotional products and solutions produced by nearly 3000 manufacturers.

Our relationships allow us to source products for the best combination of price and quality. Our business partners include nationally recognized companies such as: Bic, Nike, Under Armour, Bose, 3M, Titlest, Totes, Oakley, Brooks Brothers, Camel-bak and many more.

FayeB's Reminders Can Help You...

FayeB's Reminders's sales representatives have been carefully selected to ensure professionalism, integrity and dependability. They are among the most experienced in the industry. This experience enables them to assist you with creativity, logo design, product selection and distribution.

They will listen and work with you to understand your objectives, and then help you send the right message to your targeted audience. Our sales representatives realize that a single promotion or event does not measure their true success. They are dedicated to building long lasting relationships as they contribute to the overall success of your business or organization.

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Award-Winning Brand Promotion

FayeB's Reminders is the leader in the printing, promotional products and packaging industries with a creative edge to add impact and value to your programs. As your agency without the agency fees, we provide the most innovative and cutting edge product and service solutions across the globe.

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